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No Manual Slicing and Dicing of Data. MapZot.AI is Fast and Easy to use. AccuSite by MapZot.AI is the next generation Hotel Site Selection Software that combines artificial intelligence and human Expertise. Choose from a range of AI-powered tools to help your brand grow with a winning real estate strategy in today’s changing retail ecosystem.

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AI for hotel Site Selection

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Precision in Site Selection and Beyond

Leveraging Internal Data
Our robust in-house data infrastructure forms the bedrock of our capabilities, designed to meet your current and future data requirements. From extracting data on customer foot traffic to collecting property details, building specifications, sales trends, and more, we've got you covered.
unique Algorithms for Exceptional Insights
MapZot.AI harnesses a spectrum of proprietary technologies, including property identification, sales forecasting, and market analytics. These contribute to bespoke algorithms crafted specifically for hotel chains, accurately identifying prime development sites and optimizing sales performance.
Unrivaled Confidence
Back your decisions with real-time, data-driven algorithms supported by extensive data analysis. With a confidence level exceeding 90%, you can pinpoint your most lucrative customer segments, discover more of them, and adapt quickly to emerging industry trends.
Empowering Decision Analytics
Our expertly trained models meticulously determine optimal locations for hotel chains. We've tailored existing algorithms to cater to the unique needs of both local and national hotel businesses, enabling you to uncover overlooked opportunities at all levels. MapZot.AI is your essential partner for informed decision-making. .

Use Case

MapZot.AI deploys AI technology not just for site selection but also for guiding data-driven decisions in various hotel scenarios. Whether you're an expanding hotel chain, a franchisee, a broker, a property developer, a private equity firm, or part of an economic development team, we're here to empower your growth.

Actionable Insights Backed With Real Time Data From MapZot.AI
Billions of signals made into actionable insights from MapZot.AI
Location Analytics and  Mobile Data From MapZot.AI
Private Equity Firms
Best AI To Find Hotel chains for economic development
Target Marketing For Hotel Customers Using Mobile Data

Hotel at a Glance

MapZot.AI Location analysis software constantly analyzes traffic counts, sales trends to determine whether or not a future store location would be profitable. MapZot.AI monitors existing draws and unique customer visits, especially if that customer spends more money than other Hotel customer. For instance, if a high performing Hotel location attracts a certain Hotel customer then AccuSite location analysis software program would find similar locations that mimic this high performing store location.

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