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Clothing and apparel chains are increasingly seeing new demand for fashion outlets. As good brands become better chains often struggle in understanding who their true customer is and where they live to create strategy around customer segmentation and site selection. This requires ability to monitor stores nationally and then to be able to generate insights. Luckily this entire process can now be automated using AccuSite, an A.I-powered Clothing & Apparel Site Selection Software developed by MapZot.AI.

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AccuSite is the first tool with a robust AI-powered site selection algorithm that monitors your stores and competition to identify insights that help build a winning site selection strategy for your clothing & apparel portfolio. Our technology directly helps in increasingyour revenue, and customer foot traffic.
Disposing corporate-owned tire stores, oil change locations has pros and cons. Taking portfolio to the market through third party brokers that create public listings can damage your chains reputation. MapZot.AI has developed RetailerPro that matches buyers and tenants to land parcels and existing buildings. So you can confidentially reach out to potential buyers.
Portfolio Management
Learn more about your locations, uncover what truly works for your business, develop a robust real estate strategy, and audit the closed stores.
Sub Leasing
MapZot.AI RetailerPro matches off-market tenants for leased under-performing stores that are no longer operated by the company and yet have remaining liabilities.. RetailerPro is the speedy way to sublease any space.

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MapZot.AI helps clothing and apparel chains by only recommending top potential sites and enabling brands to drive their real estate decision making without need to rely on third party brokerage chains.

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MapZot.AI’s innovative software analytics is efficient in searching the existing locations and recommending new locations for Clothing & Apparel chains. MapZot.AI monitors your portfolio and your competition to generate portfolio level ranking, and estimating the performance of store sales. MapZot.AI is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for clothing chains as it’s the only specialized A.I. for Clothing & Apparel Site Selection Software that ranks among the best global location analytics companies. Hundreds of case studies and high customer retention have proven that MapZot.AI supercharges the site selection process to open new high-performing locations.



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