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Opening new branches for banks, credit unions and financial institutions can be a complicated process. MapZot.AI has developed a Site Selection Software designed for Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions that combines human experience and artificial Intelligence. MapZot.AI makes accurate property level recommendations on where to open the next bank branch, local credit union or a financial institution without the need for any external data.

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Pin-Point Banks And Financial Site Selection and More

AccuSite is robust, yet easy to use technology that leverages AI for site selection of bank branches, credit unions and financial institutions. This all-in-one platform helps banks to grow nationally with a relatively smaller real estate team.
Mergers, acquisitions and online banking often leave banks and financial institutions with prime commercial real estate locations that were meant for potential branches. MapZot.AI has developed BanckTrack tool that tracks bank locations, ranks them based on performance and then finds off market buyers and tenants for excess land parcel and underperforming locations. All this confidentially.
Portfolio Management
Manage entire bank portfolio from your office, uncover why certain branches perform better. Globe.AI helps Banks and Financial Institutions to monitor existing branches, audit underperforming locations and identify nationwide new branch development opportunities.
Sub Leasing
Find alternate uses for existing bank branches. Certain bank locations are worth much more than the revenue they generate. MapZot.AI helps banks to identify such opportunities, uncover their highest and best use, and then suggest potential relocation for existing branch as well. Everything done through one tool.

Use Cases

MapZot.AI uses A.I. technology to suggest future locations for Banks and Financial Institutions and helping them in taking the best data-driven location decisions. MapZot.AI simply pin-points high-performing locations for bank branches, credit unions and financial institutions with very high accuracy.

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MapZot.AI is a new powerful software that picks the best Locations for Automotive Chains. Businesses and automotive chains mainly rely onthird parties and brokerage groups and often struggle to controltheir real estate pipeline. MapZot.AI brings the control back to the real estate manager. Software helps managers rank their respective store portfolio, estimate store sales, and provides location-based insights.



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