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International coffee chains maintain large real estate teams that analyze a ton of sites every week. Despite having the manpower and data, yet these chains close hundreds of stores every year. Reason? Accuracy of algorithms and siloed data. MapZot.AI powered Coffee Shop Site Selection Software monitors every coffee chop location round the clock and learns trends to be able pin-point parcels and shopping centers level suggestions that match for coffee chains with over 95% accuracy.

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MapZot.AI enables development teams to find perfectly matching sites for large and small chains with very high accuracy so you can make returns 10x returns much faster.
Close drive thru coffee locations negatively impacts a brands image at many levels. MapZot.AI RetailerPro is designed to confidentially find tenants and buyers for underperforming stores. MapZot.AI can analyze thousands of stores and generate deep insights and very accurate predictions on who could likely be a perfect match for a single store or an entire portfolio.
Portfolio Management
Imaging having a war room like real time portfolio management tool that can manage and rank portfolio in near real time and suggest new store locations on a click of a button. MapZot.AI portfolio tool - Globe.AI helps coffee chains to monitor existing stores and identify national new store development opportunities by suggesting locations that match your criteria.
Sub Leasing
Underperforming store with long term ground leasing can be a liability on the balance sheet. Subleasing property was never this easy – Imagine getting a list of perfectly matching businesses that would sublease your property. It’s possible with MapZot.AI.

Use Cases

Imagine A.I. technology that points out shopping centers, hospitals and malls where a coffee chains could be very successful. MapZot.AI has built next generation technology that pin-points the exact property where your next store should open. No more manual slicing and dicing data for hours.

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MapZot.AI A.I constantly monitors customer visits to identify patterns and unique trends that it picks up round the clock. MapZot.AI is the only specialized Coffee Site Selection Software that clones high-performing Locations for Coffee chains with high accuracy. whether it’s a large chain like Starbucks, Dunkin, Biggby or Panera or growing coffee chains like Black Riffle Coffee – MapZot.AI is data ready!



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